The pike streamers on this website are all hand tied by Peter Elberse. These patterns have been tested to the bone and will catch pike. Peter glues every stage of the tying process to make the streamers as strong as possible. But having said that, pike will destroy them sooner or later as they have a strong bite and about 700 teeth pointing backwards. The good thing is that when the streamer gets destroyed you're catching pike! 

Tip: choose the correct fly for your pike fishing. If you fish shallow polders use lightweight hooks like the Partridge CS86 #4/0. Hunting for giant pike on big water you want to use stronger hooks like the Partridge CS86X #4/0 or even #6/0. For that reason Peter ties the same pattern on different hooks. But no worries, after tying flies for more that 45 years, all streamers look the same!

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