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  • Ad Hulshoff
    Ad Hulshoff

    Ad is a professional photographer and lives on the banks of the river maas. He is a passionate 'predator' fly fisherman. On this image he's holding a pike caught during our trip 2023 to Swedish Lapland.

  • Chris Maas
    Chris Maas

    Chris is the son of Marty Maas. He has been fishing all of his life but fly fishing for pike is new for him. Young blood is a good thing in our sport so I was very happy when he agreed to become a fly fishing for pike fieldtester!…

  • John Uilenberg
    John Uilenberg

    John has a passion for pike! He fishes a lot and he catches a lot of 'big' pike on the fly from his belly boat (geared up with Float Plus 😉). He uses a very long leader that connects to his fly line in a way that the jointed…

  • Kees Trommelen
    Kees Trommelen

    Kees is a professional cook and runs 'Eten bij Kees' from his farm home on the river maas. If you live in or visit the Netherlands, I can recommend booking a table. You will enjoy great food and stories.

  • Marty Maas
    Marty Maas

    Marty is a passionate pike fly fisherman. His personal best pike on the fly is this 124cm monster! Caught with guiding of good friend Rob Kraaijeveld. Although trophies like this are rare they are roaming our Dutch waters.

  • Theo Bakelaar
    Theo Bakelaar

    Theo Bakelaar has been a lifetime fly fisherman. He's well known for his Umpqua gold bead patterns. The oldtimers also remember Theo when he introduced the World to gold beads by painting his complete head gold on the Dutch Fly…


It's great to have some lifetime friends as a fieldttesting staff. These guys have fished all over the world and bring a wealth of experience.

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