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  • Andrea Bido - Swedish Lapland
    Andrea Bido - Swedish Lapland

    Andrea is camp manager and guide at the Wild Lake Lodge in Swedish Lapland. It is a true 'fly fishing for pike' paradise. The crystal clear water of the huge lake is filled with big rocks and beautyful, very strong pike. Andrea…

  • Bernd Ziesche - Rügen
    Bernd Ziesche - Rügen

    Fly fishing for pike with Bernd was a great experience. He showed us where and how to fly fish for pike on Rügen. Now Rügen is big, very big and the pike move around. They are often found in certain areas. But these areas do not…

  • Rob Kraaijeveld - Netherlands
    Rob Kraaijeveld - Netherlands

    Fly fishing for pike can be tough. Although pike are plentiful in the Netherlands, catching one or more of them in a days outing is never a guarantee. Peter has fly fished a lot for Dutch predators with his lifetime friend Rob…


In search of pike we sometimes cross paths with exceptional Guides. We have fished with these guys and if we would not be 100% convinced they add a lot to your fly fishing for pike experience we wouldn't mention them. They are true experts and ready to help you catch pike on the fly!

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